Work With Medik8

We are experiencing phenomenal growth. Medik8 is currently distributed in over 25 countries globally, but we are missing some key markets and are looking for the right partners. With many thousands of ‘doors’, world-class R&D, an ever-growing product pipeline and constant exhibitions all over the world, we are always seeking smart-thinking, fast-moving, innovative professional skincare distributors to help tell our story and change the world of skincare.


In 2017, we invested over £1m in new UK laboratories as well as production and training facilities. We are ISO certified and committed to innovation and product excellence.


Every year (pandemics aside), we host our international distributor meeting in London, where our network of loyal distributors from all over the world join us to discuss best practice, get updates on new products and understand our vision for driving our mutual businesses forward. Of course, there is plenty of time to have fun and catch up on each other’s family while enjoying amazing dinner events and entertainment. It’s an event that the Medik8 family of distributors look forward to each year.


Always available for Google hangouts, we are a digital company that is able to meet and chat with your teams regardless of time-zone. But nothing beats the importance of personal contact. Our founder, Elliot Isaacs, makes a point of visiting new territories that exceed targets or achieve investment promises. He gladly speaks at customer events and relevant exhibitions to continue to communicate our core philosophy and to truly get to know what makes each market tick. Training and education on Medik8 protocols and products is paramount to ensure Medik8 customers have the same quality experience worldwide. This is a key part of your induction with us as well as a commitment to ongoing learning with our education team.


We truly believe that distribution is a skill. Great distributors create value in the chain. This allows us to concentrate on innovative product development rather than managing individual clinics or exhibitions. We believe the key to great distribution is to leave it to the experts - the people who know the local market, the competition, the influencers, the challenges and the expectations. And that’s why we want you.