Collaboration at Our Core

Working with others helps to build knowledge. Medik8 are proud to work collaboratively with partners all over the world in order to discover and curate the best skincare technologies.


In the development of breakthrough vitamin A serum, Medik8 worked with a Korean superlab. to create all-new retinyl retinoate molecule.

The research behind this ingredient was so impressive it won multiple awards including the Presidential Award by the Korean Ministry of Health.

We then collaborated with analytical chemists in the UK in order to put the molecule into a stable formula which customers would love. Numerous technical challenges had to be overcome in order to create the final formula. But after 8 combined years of dedicated research, we produced a global award-winning serum.

Crystal Retinal

The active ingredient retinaldehyde is notoriously difficult to stabilise. Building on an already astounding innovation from a US technology partner, Medik8 worked with the School of Life Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire, a leading centre for topical drug delivery research, to assess the stability synergies of a second innovation, developed in-house, in our latest breakthrough in vitamin A, Crystal Retinal Crystal Retinal 6 & 10™. Our work continues with even more research being carried out on this amazing ingredient.

Other Industries

Have you ever noticed how the more you learn, the more questions you have? Same here. Having our own research lab doesn't always mean we have the answers - but it means we can discover the right questions. Sometimes we glitch the answers from other industries. We are currently collaborating with a mind-blowing materials science company who work with machines spinning faster than jet engines to power a big new technology for this year. It's amazing how useful associated industries can be in our research.

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