Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

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Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

Meet Medik8’s latest sunscreen innovation; Advanced Day Ultimate Protect. Our recommended sunscreen-day cream hybrid to anyone out there that is serious about robust sun protection, delivered in a nourishing daily moisturiser.

Advanced Day Ultimate Protect is the leader of our SPF pack, with the highest levels of UVB and UVA protection achievable in the EU (SPF 50+ PA++++) and innovative skin shielding technologies to cast a resilient veil of defence over the skin ready for the day. With advanced blue light protection, a pollution shield, anti-infrared light and anti-glycation mechanisms, the skin is provided with the ultimate all encompassing environmental shield. However, the real star of the show is our newest ‘DNA Repair Enzyme’ technology, making its debut in the Medik8 portfolio with Advanced Day Ultimate Protect.

No sunscreen is able to block 100% of UV rays from the skin

Before we get into how we do DNA repair at Medik8, let's talk about why we need DNA repair in our skin and sun protection. No sunscreen is able to block 100% of UV rays from the skin. Even an SPF 50+ that is applied perfectly only protects against ~98.3% of UVB rays.[1] This leaves ~1.7% of UVB rays that can still hit the skin and have the potential to impact skin health - one of the most concerning effects is direct DNA damage. Skin cell DNA is essentially an instruction manual for our skin, it tells it what to do and when. UV light can cause deformations of the strands of DNA within our skin cells, known as cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs). CPDs ultimately disrupt the instruction manual; impacting skin cell functions such as its natural defence mechanisms, collagens synthesis and melanin production. This all becomes evident in the skin through the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, areas of hyperpigmentation and skin dullness. If our skin cell DNA is damaged, it essentially throws off the natural processes that keep our skin looking and feeling healthy.

The solution? DNA Repair Enzymes. These are enzymes, action proteins in the skin, that recognise and correct DNA damage caused by exposure to UV. They work to locate the CPDs (the disruption) within the DNA strands, cut them out and allow the DNA to repair itself.

We actually have DNA repair mechanisms in our skin naturally, but unfortunately they deplete as we age.[2] At Medik8, our solution is to replenish the skin’s natural levels of DNA repair enzymes by applying them topically in Advanced Day Ultimate Protect.

How do we do it? With encapsulated photolyase, a light-activated DNA repair enzyme. Yes you read it right, light activated - the perfect pair for a daily sunscreen. Encapsulated photolyase helps to reinvigorate skin’s natural repair mechanisms,[3] visibly diminishing the signs of DNA damage, including fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. We encapsulate the photolyase to aid its penetration into the skin, helping it on its way to where it's needed in the skin.

Benefits of encapsulated photolyase:

- Helps to reinvigorate the skin's natural repair mechanisms

- Aids the defence of skin cell DNA damage

- Promotes more resilient, healthier looking skin

As Sunscreen Specialists, we are always striving to maximise sun protection on the skin. Advanced Day Ultimate Protect does exactly that - our highest SPF 50+ PA++++ sun protection, our most advanced 360 environmental shield, all elevated with next-generation DNA repair enzymes. It truly is our ultimate day cream. Shop Advanced Day Ultimate Protect today.


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