The People Behind Medik8

With a commitment to providing you with beautiful skincare that gives the results you’ve only dreamed of, we have brought together a team of talented people with a wealth of experience who inform everything we do. Shall we meet them?

Research & Development

Innovation goes hand in hand with research and development at Medik8. We challenge the norm in every product we create to ensure our customers will receive outstanding results. Our team of in-house formulation scientists are committed to breaking boundaries and developing formulas that were previously unthought of - or perceived as impossible to do.

We are always keeping an eye on new research and literature and jump at opportunities to develop products with new and exciting innovations. This is why many of Medik8’s products have incredible unique technologies. For example the revolutionary development of r-Retinoate®, Crystal Retinal™ and lots of patent-pending and patented technologies in many other solutions.

Meet Daniel, who studied chemistry at the University of Leeds and is Medik8’s Director of Research. He joined Medik8 almost a decade ago as a product formulator and is now leading a department full of biochemists, formulation scientists and packaging innovators. Daniel has led the collaboration with external academics such as our local University's Professor of Biochemistry. During his career in personal care, Daniel has developed over 80 unique formulations. He is an industry expert in sunscreens and pigmentation and is the inventor of two patents in skin brightening. He is also the innovator behind Medik8's H.E.O. smart hydration technologies.


Medik8 has a commitment to education. Like our products, our education programmes are researched and developed to ensure that the Medik8 experience is the same worldwide. Medik8 is sold through professional outlets, this requires everyone selling our products to have the same depth of knowledge. This provides customers with the same quality professional treatments and best product recommendations wherever they are in the world.

We have a team dedicated to providing this education and support to training and sales teams as well as their business partners. The team run classes, training events and webinars from our Training Centre near London, UK, as well as travelling around the world to train professionals on Medik8 products and protocols.

Meet Laura, our Head of Education. She has worked within the premium beauty and aesthetics industry for over 10 years. Throughout her experience in the industry, she has worked with many advanced skincare brands; successfully treating clients, developing training programmes as well as education strategies worldwide. She aims to empower and inspire professionals to reach their maximum potential through imparting her knowledge and experiences.

Operations & Manufacturing

Every intricate innovation crafted in our labs has to be produced on a relatively large scale. The challenge is making each batch the same as the 'perfect batch' each and every time. This is why we embarked on ISO certification. Using collaborative techniques, we continually improve our processes and refine every step. The result is every product is of the highest quality; lovingly blended by people who are passionate about making lab-fresh and stable products.

Meet Vinny, our Master Blender. He’s been working with the company since it was just a few people strong and has gone from blending products by hand, to managing machines that blend 7 tonnes of product in an hour.

Like our product development, all Medik8 serums are manufactured in our own facilities in the UK. We take best practice from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and apply it to Medik8’s manufacturing processes. We also manage our own logistics to ensure a high level of quality from start to finish when an order is placed. As a British company in a time of change, we are proud to comply with European manufacturing standards so you can be confident in the consistent quality you will receive in each and every product. We worked hard to be ISO certified for both cosmetic manufacture standards and quality management standards which we strive to uphold day in day out in everything we do.

We call this end-to-end in-house system "Think. Lab. Make. Tell."

Customer Service

We want every Medik8 customer to come away with a great experience. Receiving superior levels of service is core to our DNA and we insist that every Medik8 customer feels special and personally taken care of. We have a wonderful Customer Experience Team, comprising of Ella, Emma and Shivon. They are probably the most helpful people ever. Say “Hi” to us, we always want to hear what you have to say.

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