How To Winter Proof Your Skin

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How To Winter Proof Your Skin

The new season is upon us and Christmas is peeking its sparkly head over the horizon. With the change in weather brings major changes in our skin, which need to fall in turn with a major shakeup to your skincare routine. Hydration is obviously key, but bare in mind all of the below when you come to choosing your winter-proofed skincare...

A revolving wardrobe of moisturisers

With ever-changing weather, your skincare shelf should be thought of as a skin wardrobe, prepared for every eventuality it meets throughout the year. Think of your moisturiser as your coat and jacket collection - throughout the year it will vary according to how thick and heavy they are. In summer, you might be able to get away with super-light Balance Moisturise™ , but as the colder months draw in, your skin could be crying out for something heavier. Thicker formulas act as an occlusive barrier to protect your complexion from battling cold winds and dry air. This calls for Ultimate Recovery™ Intense , the ideal heavy-duty moisturiser to protect parched skin from the extremities. Bump up your moisture levels by layering Hydr8 B5™ under whichever moisturiser you choose to wear.

The all-important sun protection

We’re just going to say it; wearing SPF during the darker months is still important just as wearing it throughout the summer months. UVA rays (the ones which cause collagen depletion and the dreaded wrinkles) can penetrate through clouds, which means that while you think you might be completely safe going SPF-free during December, you’re not. Be safe all year round from the sun’s rays and make sure to apply daily sunscreen. The easiest way to incorporate it into your routine during winter is to use a 5* UVA, SPF 30 moisturiser like Advanced Day Total Protect™ - you won’t even clock that you’re applying sunscreen , it’s that good.

Vitamin C bringing back that Christmas sparkle

It’s easy to fall into the rut of dull, lacklustre skin over the winter months, but when it’s time to get your sparkle on at the never ending Christmas parties coming up, you need something to kick your skin into action. Turn to C-Tetra+ Intense, which not only helps to seal in that all-important moisture but also gets your sparkle back quicker than when the Grinch stole Christmas.

You can even try mixing it with your foundation for dewy, expensive skin, and the light will be bouncing off your skin all night. It’s packed full of vitamin C to give you that all-important antioxidant protection which is essential all year round.

The morning after the night before rescue kit

The festive period is always a time of excess and one too many proseccos at the work Christmas party can leave you bleary-eyed with lacklustre skin. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and causes inflammation which can leave you looking bloated and puffy the morning after. First things first, avoid any 7am panda eyes with Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse™ , the waterproof eye makeup remover you can do one handed while drinking that much needed pint of water with the other hand at 3am. Drench your skin in hydration by applying an Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Mask before applying your make-up. It will take away the dehydration while giving you 20 minutes extra to close your eyes and recover from the hangover.

Stress-busting skincare

The joys of Christmas don’t come without their irritations and stresses, whether that be spending dreaded time with the in-laws or the difficulties in finding a last minute gift for great aunt Janice you only see once a year. Stress can have a huge impact on your skin. It can cause a multitude of problems like blemishes, dry skin and ever the dreaded wrinkles. For battling stressed out skin, Crystal Retinal 6™ is your best friend. The only directly antibacterial form of vitamin A, retinaldehyde tackles pesky blemishes while plumping up the complexion. And in the day, treat yourself to new Liquid Peptides™ serum. What more could you want for Christmas?

There you have it - a fail-safe plan for injecting some festive cheer into your skincare routine.

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