Instantly Brighten Tired Looking Eyes

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Instantly Brighten Tired Looking Eyes


Our eyes can often be the first area to show the tell tale signs of too many late nights, an excessive amount of screen time and those pesky premature signs of ageing. The skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than on the rest of our face, lacking sebaceous glands which is why it is particularly susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. While eye creams can’t do anything to change the natural structure of the skin, what they can do is help improve their appearance by hydrating, smoothing textures or concealing dark circles.

Introducing Illuminating Eye Balm - a welcome Medik8 addition to your morning routine that can do all of the above.


Illuminating Eye Balm is our newest innovation; it uses subtly tinted mineral pigments and optical diffusers to help boost the appearance of tired looking eyes.

While we wish it wasn’t true, the skin around our eyes is one part of your body that can show the earliest signs of premature ageing. That's why our Illuminating Eye Balm formula is infused with powerful hydrating actives hyaluronic acid and glycerin, that draw true moisture into the delicate eye area. These help to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as refreshing and awakening the eye area.


The Illuminating Eye Balm is ideal for day to day use plus, the texture is light enough to be used for natural coverage, perfect for an at-home make-up alternative. You can also use it beneath make-up or pat it on top of make-up for a brightening boost throughout the day - simply add a rice-sized amount to each eye.


As the skin around the eyes is so much thinner than the rest of the body, any kind of discolouration caused by capillaries and veins under the eyes can be noticeable, causing dark circles. To disguise this effectively, we need lightweight coverage and illuminating pigments in our formula. The lightweight balm is super sheer and therefore can be blended even into the deepest of skin tones. The formula also contains almost unnoticeable optical diffusers (absolutely no glitter) which can effortlessly bounce light away from dark circles, almost as if to trick the eyes into looking brighter and more awake.

Illuminating Eye Balm also works to target the underlying causes of dark circles. Infused with hyaluronic acid and glycerin, the lightweight balm provides long-lasting hydration. These actives are also joined by cucumber extract, an instantly revitalising and refreshing fruit that is made up of 95% water - perfect for the delicate eye area. The powers of red algae extract are also harnessed in this multi-tasking formula. It works as an osmosis booster, helping to minimise fluid retention under the eyes and therefore reducing the appearance of puffiness. With this handy formula, you can confidently say goodbye to tired, puffy eyes.


Illuminating Eye Balm is the perfect addition to your skincare regime and can also help to enhance your makeup routine. Long gone are the days of over-application of concealer to try and mask the shadows beneath your eyes, as Illuminating Eye Balm not only visibly ‘illuminates’ this area with its lightweight coverage but also gets to work on rectifying the underlying causes of dark circles. Don’t forget when applying Illuminating Eye Balm, use your ring finger. This has the lightest touch and is less likely to pull the delicate eye area. We’ve got your tired eyes covered: conceal and correct in one easy step!


Illuminating Eye Balm can be incorporated into your Medik8 CSA eye routine with ease each morning. Simply apply vitamin C plus sunscreen to the under eye area and apply Illuminating Eye Balm for extra brightening and hydration throughout the day. In the evening, apply your vitamin A eye serum and/or creams for visibly smoother, evenly toned skin when you wake up in the morning.

Step into the light and shop our best brightening eye balm today.

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