Oxy-R Peptides

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Oxy-R Peptides


Want to address hyperpigmentation, dark spots or unevenly toned areas across the complexion? We have just the solution for you. Meet Oxy-R Peptides, the newest member of the Medik8 Peptides Family. Designed to target specific areas of visible hyperpigmentation, Oxy-R Peptides is a potent serum that works effortlessly to promote a more even skin tone.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation on the skin is a key area of concern for many people. Factors such as hormones, inflammation and the sun all play a role in hyperpigmented complexions and can cause dark spots, uneven skin tone and even conditions such as melasma. 

Oxy-R Peptides is our targeted peptide solution to address the visible signs of hyperpigmentation. The simplest way to elevate your existing skincare routine.

Oxy-R Peptides

Ultra-high concentration (1%) oxyresveratrol in a patented stabilisation system; this brightening technology is one you will only be able to find at Medik8. 

Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R) has been found to be an incredibly effective tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase is the key enzyme within the skin that produces melanin - Oxy-R is a tyrosinase-inhibitor, working to block the overactivity of this enzyme. This means that Oxy-R is able to help block the overproduction of melanin within the skin, which can result in localised areas of uneven skin tone and dark spots.

A study by The Journal of Biological Chemistry has actually shown Oxy-R to be 33x times more effective tyrosinase-inhibitor than well known hyperpigmentation solution kojic acid.[1]

Wondering why you rarely come across Oxy-R skincare products? While exceptionally powerful, Oxy-R is notoriously difficult to formulate with as it is an incredibly unstable ingredient. With yet another one-of-a-kind stability innovation, Medik8 have carefully curated a patented system to yield the unique benefits of ultra-high strength stabilised oxyresveratrol. 

How did we do it?

The 1% Oxy-R is stored in a patented preserversation serum in the lid until it is plunged into the rest of the formula using Click-Activated packaging technology on first use. Additional, patented stabilisers keep the Oxy-R fresh for 6 weeks - ensuring it remains potent until you finish each bottle. Our innovative & unique stabilisation system keeps Oxy-R Peptides potent from the first to the final drop. 

Triple Threat to Hyperpigmentation

Boosted with brightening twin peptides, Oxy-R Peptides has a triple-action approach to targeting areas of uneven skin tone. We know how Oxy-R works; it blocks pigment-producer tyrosinase from functioning within the skin. The twin peptides work in different yet complementary ways; tetrapeptide-30 is an illuminating peptide which works to help block the overproduction of pigment that can lead to visible discolourations and uneven skin tone, while acetyl glycyl beta-alanine works to help stop localised areas of pigment from appearing on the skin. All three together promote an evenly toned, brighter looking complexion.

The appearance of hyperpigmentation is improved after just one month*

So we have our final formula - our star ingredient Oxy-R, two brightening twin-peptides and hyaluronic acid combined into a hydrating cocktail ready to target an uneven complexion. Time to put it to the test; an independent study with Oxy-R Peptides was conducted on a diverse panel of target customers; all with hyperpigmentation skin concerns. This includes sensitive skins, and all skin tones. Participants used Oxy-R Peptides twice a day for 4 weeks, and were asked to not introduce any other new products into their skincare routine during the trial period. We were unsurprised to see the incredible powers of Oxy-R Peptides confirmed by the study:

Skin appeared visibly brighter after using Oxy-R Peptides for just 7 days*

Skin tone was visibly even after using Oxy-R Peptides for just 7 days*

The appearance of dark spots faded after just one month*

The appearance of hyperpigmentation was improved after just one month*

Suitable for all skin types and tones

Oxy-R Peptides can be used in both morning and evening routines, to really target areas of hyperpigmentation and enhance the overall brightening benefits of vitamin C and A products. Oxy-R Peptides is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.**

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is particularly prevalent in darker skin tones, fitzpatricks 4-6.[2] All fitzpatrick skin types have similar numbers of melanin-making melanocyte cells, however these cells are more active and produce more melanin in darker fitzpatricks. 

Therefore, we specifically tested the lightweight serum on a larger sample of fitzpatricks 3-6, due to the larger concern within these skin tones. With gentle power, we found Oxy-R Peptides has the ability to visibly brighten the appearance of deeper skin tones, and can improve the overall appearance of hyperpigmentation across the complexion.*** It is suitable for all skin types and tones.

 Oxy-R + CSA

A CSA-booster, Oxy-R Peptides is an integral product that turns a solid Medik8 CSA foundation into a targeted treatment for hyperpigmentation. 

Vitamin C and Sunscreen by day, Vitamin A at night 

Sunscreen by far is the most important factor in preventing the development of hyperpigmentation - it must be used with Oxy-R Peptides to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It works to block our skin from damaging UV rays, the key trigger to the overproduction of melanin. 

Practicing sun avoidance, wearing a high SPF and vitamin C while using Oxy-R Peptides is the key to preventing hyperpigmentation on a daily basis. As antioxidants, oxyresveratrol and vitamin C work together to prevent oxidation via free radicals, thus helping to block melanin production. We also recommend vitamin A at night to promote cellular turnover which helps to disperse areas of localised hyperpigmentation, shedding off cells with extra melanin and returning skin shade to baseline. 

Shop CSA-booster Oxy-R Peptides today. 


Proven via an independent consumer study 

*Tested on 50 participants aged 35-70 with hyperpigmentation skin concerns

**94% out of 17 participants with sensitive skin agreed it was gentle on the skin

*** Tested on 18 participants fitzpatricks 5-6

[1] Y. M. Kim et al, Oxyresveratrol and Hydroxystilbene Compounds, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002, 277(18), pp 16340-16344

[2] E. Davis et al, Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation A Review of the Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Treatment Options in Skin of Color, Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology, 2010, 3(71), 20-31

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