What is Professional Skincare?

Medik8 is a professional skincare brand. This means we are sold predominantly by trained professionals through outlets such as doctors’ offices, medical and premium spas, skin clinics and salons, as well as some premium pharmacies and specialist websites.

Medik8 is a Professional-Led Skincare Brand

The Medik8 story began with our products being sold predominantly by trained professionals through outlets such as doctors’ offices, medical and premium spas, skin clinics and salons, as well as some premium pharmacies and specialist websites.

Fast forward to today, ever increasing global demand means that we have bridged the gap between professional-led skincare and popular accessible skincare and are readily available through both professional outlets as well as selected online beauty retailers and of course, Medik8.com.

Our roots are in professional skincare

No Compromises

Our roots are in professional skincare and our purpose as a brand is to liberate skincare customers from the choice between results or experience. Medik8’s skincare portfolio strives to deliver it all: results, professional advice, beautiful packaging, advanced product technology and premium textures. No compromises when you can have it all with Medik8.

Medik8 In-Clinic

We believe that true skin health starts with the right in-clinic treatments for each individual. When expert analysis is combined with professional treatments, the results are pronounced. When professional recommendation is followed with advanced homecare, those results become long-lasting. Therefore, Medik8’s professional landscape is designed to provide you with the most results-driven treatment experiences in the clinic and at home.

12 Weeks to WOW is Medik8’s signature professional treatment plan

12 Weeks to WOW is an example of how Medik8 continues to innovate fresh, bespoke treatments for our clients. 12 Weeks to WOW is Medik8’s signature professional treatment plan, a 12 week programme of 6 in-clinic peels tailored to your specific concerns and goals, combined with a prescribed at-home regime of ‘CSA’ products. Referred to as ‘personal training for the skin’, 12 Weeks to WOW is a unique peeling experience that has been designed to truly deliver extraordinary skincare results.

With an extensive treatment repertoire from youth-enhancing facials, indulgent eye rituals and renewing body treatments to doctor-grade peels, there is a Medik8 treatment for everyone. See the full range of treatments ​ here.

We also have a select few products which are only available for purchase via a skin consultation with one of our Medik8 professionals.

CSA Home-Care

The core of the Medik8 philosophy is CSA; vitamin C and sunscreen by day, followed by vitamin A at night. Every Medik8 Professional Facial and Professional Peel incorporates this philosophy, linking this perfectly with the homecare recommendations.

After every Medik8 treatment you will leave the clinic protected with vitamin C and sunscreen, and be given a Last Step Vitamin A to complete your CSA routine at home. CSA will help to support your skin for optimal results and healing.

Why Professional

For the same reasons you visit a dentist or a doctor - qualified and trained skin therapists have expertise in providing tailored recommendations to achieve better skin health. Medik8 treatments are available only through trained professionals. Medik8 registered therapists are highly educated in skin physiology and can successfully analyse your skin and deliver real, visible results with the products and treatments they recommend.

Professional Training

Medik8 is sold all over the world but all training and education starts in our head office in the UK with our Education team. The Education team train a combination of Educators and Beauty Professionals from around the world via classes, events and webinars. The trainers can then teach therapists in their own countries about Medik8 products and protocols. All Medik8 stockists have to attend regular training in order to sell Medik8. This means they have attended up-to-date training and passed assessments so you can be sure to receive the best service possible.

Find your perfect treatment today

Not only will you receive an advanced results-driven experience, Medik8 professionals will always give expert advice tailored to your individual skincare and lifestyle needs. To find a Medik8 clinic near you, click ​​​ here.

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