Regime #11:


For expectant or recent mothers, addressing skin concerns such as blemishes, pigmentation and dehydration while retaining anti-ageing power.


In Layering Order

CLEANSER: Cleanser of choice
VITAMIN C + SUNSCREEN: Daily Radiance Vitamin C


In Layering Order

DOUBLE CLEANSE: Cleansers of choice
DIRECT ACID / TONER: Press & Glow (Can also be used in AM, on cleansed skin)
VITAMIN A: Bakuchiol Peptides (Can also be used in AM, before Daily Radiance Vitamin C)
TARGET SERUM: Clarity Peptides (to combat periods of stressed-out skin, including breakouts)
MOISTURISER: Advanced Night Restore


As general guidance, if pregnant or nursing we recommend to avoid all vitamin As (Intelligent Retinol, Crystal Retinal, r-Retinoate, Intelligent Retinol Smoothing Night Cream), leave on salicylic acid products (Blemish SOS, Blemish Control Pads & Smooth Body Lotion) and at-home peels like Sleep Glycolic.

This general guidance should be used in conjunction with advice from your midwife or doctor. All of our ingredients lists are openly available on the product pages of our website for consultation with a medical professional.