The 6 Routes to Calming

At Medik8, we like to keep it simple. While sensitised skin is a complicated skin care concern, we provide your skin with all the means necessary to reduce visible redness with 6 different approaches. Find our 6 routes to calming in Calmwise™ Colour Correct, an all-in-one solution for redness-prone skin.

1. Anti-Inflammation

Red and sore inflammation can leave the skin feeling irritated, uncomfortable and hot. Medik8 use bisabolol, an extract from the chamomile flower, which inhibits inflammatory signals to help control irritation and redness. Aloe vera is also used to help soothe and calm the complexion.

2. Skin Strengthening

The skin’s natural barrier plays an important role in preventing water loss and stopping allergens and irritants from causing inflammation in the skin. Niacinamide helps to stimulate the production of ceramides, an important lipid in the skin's natural barrier, to keep the complexion protected.

3. Limiting Redness

Inflammation can cause the dilation of blood vessels, which ultimately increases the flow of blood under the skin’s surface and leaves complexions red and inflamed. Caffeine acts as a constrictor of blood vessels, helping to regulate the volume and blood flow through the skin while taking down redness.

4. Healthy Capillaries

New blood capillaries being formed is a side effect of chronic inflammation, and can lead to redness being visible from the surface of the skin. Perfluorodecalin is an oxygen carrier which is able to suppress the formation of newer blood capillaries leaving the complexion even-toned and blush-free.

5. Calming Response

Inflammation in the skin activates white blood cells and other immune responses. Aloe vera and bakuchiol from Indian babchi seeds help to block the activation of the immune response which can cause redness, leaving skin stress-free and soothed.

6. Instant Coverage

Complementary colour theory has been used in Calmwise™ Colour Correct. Red and green sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, so the mineral green pigments help to diffuse redness in the skin and balance skin tone. This creates a soft focus veil which is the ideal base for make-up.

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